Death Angel Tour Journal

Well this tour was a great one.

Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, Battlecross and Diamond Plate.

We covered a good amount of ground in a month. Something like 29 shows in 31 days. I love playing that much. Some of the distances we had to cover were the main thing that made frequent shows difficult. Keep in mind we were following Death Angel who were in a bus. So a good amount of the drives couldn’t wait till the next morning, we had to forego sleeping in town and just drive baby. But there is nothing like being really tired to make you play good. Jim from Diamond Plate (who I only saw smile less than 10 times on the whole trip) said something to the effect of I looked tired and crappy and I had better wake up because it’ll be time to play a show. True. My retort was that there is nothing my conscious mind can do better than my unconscious mind when it comes to playing a show. It’s funny to no matter what’s going on, how sick as a dog or tired I’ve been, once a show is started it carries me through. That energy comes from somewhere.

Everyone on the tour was a standup person. We had Pete Griffin filling in on bass guitar for this run, which worked out great. We had a tight musical unit (more or less) with him by the time we hit our first show. Not bad after 3 jams.
I first saw Pete play with ZPZ in 2006 and again in 07′ and 08′. So suffice to say I knew who he was and was happy to finally have someone in the van who I could talk FZ with. For all of his years of touring, it was Pete’s first time touring under this format. As Dan from Revocation put it, “Is this your first scum tour?”…. Well put. But hell, Pete is a creature of adaptation and did a fine job.

Revocation are some of my favorite people on planet earth. Brett and I were separated at birth. Death Angels drum tech Dave had his birthday in Montreal. Before the show opened, he was doing some stretches to fix his back. I found out it was his birthday while he was doing the position where in which you basically are in a pushup position, but you sink your waist towards the ground to stretch your spine. Well at that moment I found out it was his birthday, I straddled him on his butt and gave him a backwards hug, and Brett came up and put his crotch in his face. So going down or up he was running in mine and Bretts privates. it made him quite uncomfortable, and I wish i had a picture. Happy Birthday, Dave.

Halloween in Baltimore found us dressing up. Cam as a evil priest, Shane as an hombre, Justin as Ziggy Star dust, Pete with a horrifying mask, and me as Andy Kauffmans alter ego, antagonist, Tony Cliffton.
I appointed myself to introduce the bands that night. I would come up and tell the crowd to shut up because I demand total silence. My banter went something like this. “Revocation means to revoke or make void… I revoke your license to play music because you guys suck.” or “Battlecross, where every member of the band is referred to as the ugly one.” Then I played our set in character.
It was a fun night.

In Anaheim we caught the Canucks playing the Ducks. Our friend Sara hooked us up with the V.I.P. treatment. The Canucks lost 3-1, but the 4 beers and free chicken wings were delightful. The kiss cam came on, and a stream of young to middle aged couples exchanged there pitiful pecks, until a man who must have been in his 70 kiss his wife so deeply and passionately, it put all those youngsters to shame. I mean he showed them how you kiss a lady.

Death Angel are a great band, and everyone was a cool guy to hang out with. They’d gladly have me on their bus for a hang and give me shots and beers and send me on my way. We’d be happy to do it again.

Battlecross were sure fun to watch, very tight band. Gumby’s banter was very entertaining each night, Except for his imitation of Cam’s vocal styling when it came to saying our name. At some point he stopped and did something cooler.

Another story worth mention is a snowy substance party that I ruined. I entered the room in question after having had a few drinks. I noticed a yellow and black book on my left I was determined to have a look at. I went in and talked to some people. Went and picked up the book and looked at the front cover, only to hear the whole room erupt into one big yell. then silence, everyone with eyes on me as I notice the snow fall towards the carpet. I totally killed the vibe in the room. It was actually pretty funny, because it was so perfectly awful. I don’t even remember the name of the book.

Another one, at the New York show Oct 29th, ZPZ was in town rehearsing for their show at the Beacon Theater on Halloween. So Chris and Karyn from the ZPZ crew came to our metal show and we had a great time. A few days later we played Boston, turns out ZPZ is playing the House Of Blues a couple miles away. So with Pete’s help I secured a ticket and caught the show which was a real treat and nice break from the usual routine. It was my 5th time seeing them.

The tour was full of memorable moments. I might get around to a part 2 if some memories surface.