Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. Book Review

Evolve Your Brain – the Science of Changing Your Mind

By joe Dispenza

This book was given to me by Nick Schendzielos (Shin-Jelous) in March of last year. It took me a while to finish.
It’s called ‘The Science of Changing Your Mind”, not the philosophy of changing your mind. For that reason this book is quite scientific in nature, yet has stark philosophical implications.
It starts out with examples of common threads between people who’ve had spontaneous remissions from cancers and terminal diseases. More often than not the similarities were a nature of perception.
That’s really where the bulk of the book goes. It explores how thought effect our internal chemistry which in turn effects our thoughts etc. Things are broken down to what parts of the brain produce which chemicals, and how those chemicals act on our physiology.

“Aligning our intentions with our actions, or matching our thoughts with our behaviors, leads to personal evolution. To evolve, we must progress from explicit memories to implicit memories; from knowledge to experience to wisdom, or mind to body to soul. Mental rehearsal prepares the mind. Physical rehearsal trains the body. The union of mental and physical rehearsal is the union of mind and body to a new state of being. When the mind and the body are one with anything, we have now reached true wisdom. And wisdom is always recorded in the soul.

This methodology can take you from being unconsciously unskilled, to consciously unskilled, to consciously skilled, to unconsciously skilled, so that you can move to the point at which you have implicit systems fully wired and in place. Then you will have evolved your brain to such an extent that your responses, behaviors and attitudes are as natural and effortless as the original circuits you chose to modify. At the end of this process, you will be able to summon these new behaviors at will.

After all, our thoughts are created from our memories. Our sequential thoughts are linked together to produce our attitudes. The totality of our attitudes creates our beliefs. Our beliefs, when synthesized, make up our perceptions of the world and determine the choices we make, the relationships we have, the creations we manifest, the behaviors we demonstrate and ultimately the life we live.
From willing ourselves to change, to changing ourselves at will, the process of evolving our brain is limited only by our imagination. ”

I quite enjoyed this book, and feel I will read again down the line. It’s a great place to gain new information on the workings of how our states of being work at a neurological and physiological level, and how it is we can use our will to adjust our perceptions and attitudes to evolve towards our ideal self.