Ash Pearson is the drummer Boston based technical death metal band Revocation and of recently retired Vancouver, BC heavy metal band 3 Inches of Blood. Former local bands include Angel Grinder, Just Cause, Sound of Swarm, West of Hell, Skull Vultures and current affiliations with bands Ultra Earth and Ritual Dictates (featuring Justin from 3 Inches of Blood.) Ash is passionate about music, drumming and loves sharing this with people by offering personalized drum workshops and touring with Revocation.


Ash was born January 26, 1986, in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. His formative musical years were mostly spent in front of the jukebox and television, singing and dancing just about anything, from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones, to Little Richard, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.

Ash moved with his family to BC in 94′ where he spent about 5 years in Go-Ju-Ryu martial arts, as well as acting in various commercials. Yes, a child actor.

Ash started playing the drums at age 12. His first drum set, a silver sparkle Pearl export series kit, was sold to him by Daniel Adair, now the drummer of Nickelback.

With only a few lessons in the beginning, Ash mostly taught himself to play from hours of playing along to albums, lots listening and obsession. His first ‘performance’ ever was in his high school gym at age of 15, playing ‘Sic’ from Slipknot. It was enough to get the live performance thrill.

Ash met Ryan Dyck in 2002 and started the metal band Angel Grinder, playing dozens of live shows and recording 2 records over a period of 3 years. Ryan left, but with the rest of his band mates, Ash went onto make Sound of the Swarm, where he got to assert himself more in a writing role. He wrote and arranged songs on guitar, on top of other contributions.

In May 2007, Ash did an audition for the Dillinger Escape Plan, after flying down to attend two John Zorn concerts. He ended up driving down to New Jersey to jam with members of Dillinger Escape Plan right before their recording session for Ire Works with Gil Sharone.

A few months later in December 2007, Shane Clark from 3 Inches of Blood got in touch with Ash to come audition for a tour shortly after the departure of their previous drummer. Initially only supposed to be with 3 Inches on their 2 month tour as main support for the Black Dahlia Murder, Ash continued on with the band to the next tour, then another, with eventual acceptance as a permanent member.

After 8 or so years of touring the world and making records with 3 Inches of Blood, the band started to slow down their relentless pace and eventually decided to retire. Right around that time, former tour mates Revocation needed a fill in drummer in Oct 2014. Ash toured with Revocation in Europe for 2 months as main support for Cannibal Corpse. The tour eventually lead to the permanent seat as drummer for Revocation.


Ash also immensely enjoys doing drum clinics and being a teacher on leading drum education website Drumeo.


BORN  Saskatoon, SK. Jan 26th 1986
LIVES IN  Vancouver, BC
CURRENT BAND Revocation, Ultra Earth, Ritual Dictates

Neil Peart
Tomas Haake
Gene Hoglan
Dave Witte
Damon Che
James Brown + his drummers
Danny Carey
Matt Cameron
John Zorn
Zappa + his drummers
Mom, Dad, Brother Dylan

3 inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal
Birds of Fire – Mahavishnu Orchestra
The 21′ legacy ride. All Paragon Cymbals.
Roland TM2

Loud Park Japan, 2010
Wacken, 2008
Opening Slots for Slipknot
Auditioning for The Dillinger Escape Plan
Filling Gene Hoglan’s drumming seat in ‘Just Cause’