Purified in 3 Inches of Blood

As the days went on, we spent more time with Hallgeir, Anders, Sander, Tommy and Stig from Purified In Blood. Usually up real late drinking and listening to music in the lounge of the bus. Sander was usually champion of staying up till all hours of the night, last man standing. Some nights though he’d be tired from the late night before. We’d be listening to music on the bus as usual, and he would get up and declare “Okay I’m going to bed.” When he started to walk down the narrow path towards the back Hallgeir, myself and several others would extend our arms out to stop him. He would end up having nowhere to go and stay up for another hour or two (after trying to leave and being stopped yet again!)
Hallgeir and I would talk often of spirit, nature, combat amongst late late night of listening to music. At times when things got loose we would lightly spar and posture  in gas station parking lots late at night. Our urges to dual bypassed common sense one evening at the boarder into Poland. We stopped in line, immediately opened the doors and started up. Doing air Kung-Fu outside of the bus, punches and kicks. That received some well deserved looks from Byron and Seely, as if to say. “What the hell are you doing, you should know better.” point taken. We managed to slide through that border crossing. Hell we had fun.
I came to find that Hallgeir has an appreciation through experience of walking in cold Norwegian weather, finding shelter, making fire, catching and cooking food and the basic immense joy that comes from connecting and strengthening your relationship with nature.  These are thing I’ve always read about but haven’t experienced. Again showing the merits of real experience versus conceptual knowledge.