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By Daniel Cordova

The long-running comedic metal band featuring ex-Strapping Young Lad lads Jed Simon, Gene Hoglan, and Byron Stroud as well as vocalist Chris Valagao are writing a new album right now.

While commenting on his basement studio in an interview with me on Far Beyond Metal, guitarist Jed Simon said, “Right now, I’m working on some Zimmers Hole.” He then he gave me an exclusive listen to some recorded riffs to expect on the new record. You can hear that at the 3:40 mark. It’s rough, but it’s rad.

Simon also mentioned that he has a new solo project in the works that isn’t Tenet (his first solo band).

“This is something that I’ve been working on for a couple years. I don’t know if you know about my Tenet album, my solo thing. This is in the same vein, and it’s probably going to be chapter two in that. Although, I’m not going to call it ‘Tenet,’ because this is more of a band with Ash Pearson from Revocation. It’s going to be killer, but I’m taking my time with it. So, Friday nights I head out to my buddy Vinny’s and we jam guitars. Ash will be about the end of next month, and we’re gonna get shit going. I hope to do a new album this year.”

If that wasn’t enough Jed Simon in your life, he also shed a little light on the status of his band with Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot) and other ex-Scar The Martyr members, Vimic, and their debut album Open Your Omen, which he also hopes to release by year’s end.